Our Favourite Gummy Foods

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Our Favourite Gummy Foods

There are so many amazing gummy foods on the market today. If you love fun novelty candy, then you will love our list of our favourite gummy foods. Whether you are into sweet hot dogs, tacos, sushi or noodles we've got it all.

1. Gummy Taco

Get your Mexican fiesta on with this fully loaded gummy taco. 

The Gummy Taco


2. Gummy Sushi

Gummy Sushi is one of our most popular candies, we can't seem to keep it on the shelf. It is available in three different sizes.

Gummy Sushi SmallGummy Sushi MediumGummy Sushi Large

3. Gummy Hot Dog

Grab a hot dog for the game or for a fun BBQ, this sweet hot dog is large and gummy and filled with different gummies with assorted flavours.

Gummy Hot Dog

4. Gummy Noodles

Raindrops Gummy Noodles come in a take out container and are filled with different gummies to give you the look and feel of take out noodles.

Gummy Noodles

5. Gummy Pizza

Raindrops Gummy Pizza is 435g of delicious pizza shaped goodness. Even packaged in a small pizza box, this is definitely a must try novelty food.

Gummy Pizza

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