Top 10 Party Tips

  • by Steven Davidson
Top 10 Party Tips

Whether it is a birthday, anniversary, holiday or any other occasion throwing a good party is definitely a must needed life skill. We've spoken with party planners, experts and others in order to narrow down the TOP 10 PARTY TIPS.

1. Pick a Theme

What is a party if there is no theme? Themed parties are exciting, fun and always memorable. Whether you go with a colour theme like rainbow or an animal theme like jungle a theme definitely adds an amazing element to any party.

Dinosaur Party Theme

2. Choose a Great Location

Picking your party location is extremely important. Pick a space that everyone will be comfortable in, whether its a venue or your home make sure it is convenient for people to get to as well. 

3. Choose a Great Guest List

Pick a great group of guests. Choose people that will get along and vibe with each other.

4. Pick a Menu

Choose what time and what you are going to feed your guests. Is it a dinner party? or a holiday party? What type of food will work best with the layout of the space. Are your guests going to be seated? Is it a sit down meal? or perhaps more casual with more finger foods.

5. Choose How to Invite Your Guests

How will you invite your guests? Will you send physical printed invitations or will you go with a an e-invite. How do you want your guests to RSVP?

6. Have an Awesome Candy Table

Every amazing party has an amazing Candy Table! Whether you choose to do it to match your theme or you just choose your favourite candies. Candy tables are great for all ages, and always the talk of the party.

7. Create a great Loot Bag

Thank your guests for joining you with a party favour or loot bag. Our amazing loot bags start at $12 and are loaded with candy and sweet favourites. We are always happy to create something amazing and custom for your event as well.

Loot Bag Kandy Krazed

8. Choose Fun Decor

At Kandy Krazed we have so many fun decor ideas and products for you to choose from. Stick with your theme and remember to get balloons, banners, garlands, plates, cups and cutlery to match.

Super Hero Party

9. Pick some Great Activities

Who doesn't love a good party game or activity? Depending on the age of the guests there are some awesome party ideas on Pinterest.

10. Remember, Have Fun!

Remember to relax, have fun and do not sweat the small stuff! Parties are meant to be enjoyed! 


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